Company Profile

Splendid is one-stop manufacturer and wholesaler of pearl strands, finished pearl jewellery and silver jewelery.  The company exports its products to worldwide markets including USA, Europe and Asia.

Quality and style enable Splendid to stand out as a reputed supplier in the world.  The quality of these gracious pearls speaks for themselves.  Every item in its collections pleases the eyes of buyers and wearers with wonderful lustre and shine.  Pearls and pearl jewellery of Splendid are available in a board array of sizes, shape, etc.  In addition to natural coloured pearls, Splendid also offers jewellery in dyed pearls with beautiful yet matching hues, creating a fashionable balance to its classy style.

Splendid pays special attention to creating stylish, exclusive and feminine designs.  For everday costume or special occasions and wearers in different ages or fashion tastes, Splendid has a solution for every need!  Backed with extensive expertise, Splendid takes pride of its well-rounded services and high quality products which are well-received by its customers.  Your inquiry or order is cordially welcome.